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Mobile communications industry to set up smart antenna alliance
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Recently, the mobile communications industry set up a smart alliance, the goal is to promote the smart antenna research and development and promotion. British Marconi Mobile SpA announced that it would invest $ 60 million to carry out research and development work for a smart antenna production company, ArrayComm. The latter's IntelliCell Smart Antenna software supports i-Burst mobile broadband access.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an i-Burst test license to ArrayComm in June 2000. With this technology, the transmission capacity in each cell will reach 40Mbps, and ArrayComm claims that the technology will also greatly improve the utilization of the spectrum.

In addition, Samsung and Metawave have announced the introduction of a so-called built-in smart antenna combining base stations with smart antenna technology to enhance the capacity of the base station, which will be used for 2.5G and 3G CDMA networks.