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Second-dimensional image measuring instrument
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Second-dimensional image measuring instrument


The secondary element image measuring instrument (aka image mapping instrument) is based on the CCD digital image and relies on the powerful software capabilities of computer screen measurement technology and space geometry calculation. After the computer is installed with dedicated control and graphics measurement software, it becomes the measurement brain with the software soul, which is the main body of the whole device.


Product introduction

With the development of science and technology, the measuring accuracy of various workpieces and parts is getting higher and higher, and the requirements of measuring instruments are more and more harsher. The second-element image measuring instrument is a leapfrog development of the traditional measuring technology, Optical projection and the perfect combination of computer products. The second-element image measuring instrument is a new term in the field of industrial testing and metering technology today. It represents the advanced measurement technology of integrating digital technology into industrial inspection and measurement and making geometric calculations of space.

It can quickly read the optical ruler displacement values, through the establishment of geometric calculations based on space-based software modules, instantly get the desired results; and on the screen to produce graphics for operators to map contrast, which can visually distinguish Deviations from the measurement result. All this is done in real time in front of today's powerful computational capabilities, which the operator himself cannot detect. This can take advantage of CCD digital images through computer software to meet the complex needs of sophisticated measurement instruments is the real sense of the second element image measuring instrument.

The image measuring instrument in the computer not only for a simple image alignment and numerical display, more importantly, the image measuring instrument with spatial geometry operations, graphics display, dimensioning, CAD graphics output and other basic functions. These functions rely on specialized measurement and control software developed on the basis of spatial geometry.


Product aliases

The second element of the video measuring instrument alias is the video measuring instrument, two-dimensional video measuring instrument, two yuan, automatic video measuring instrument, automatic video measuring instrument, two yuan video measuring instrument, 2.5D video measuring instrument, video mapping instrument, etc. are Refers to the same kind of instrument, is the leap development of the traditional measurement technology, is the perfect combination of the traditional optical projection and computer products.


working principle

Second-element image measuring instrument uses its own hardware (CCD, eyepiece, objective data cable, video capture card) to capture the image can be transmitted through the data line to the computer's data acquisition card, and then by the software imaging on a computer monitor, The operator uses the mouse to make quick measurements on the computer. The above process is basically completed in a few thousandths of a second, so you can think of him as a real-time testing equipment, or a narrow point can be called dynamic measuring equipment. If the configuration is right, the device will never produce image lag. Due to the size of the workpiece, the table can choose a different trip. Adjustable brightness of the light source, you can choose the most appropriate light conditions in a variety of light conditions.


Operation method

According to their mode of operation can be divided into two types of automatic operation and manual operation. Automatic operation is through the video measuring instrument connected to the computer mouse to control the operation of the machine, so as to achieve accurate measurement of the object's goal; and manual operation is controlled by the multi-joystick to measure the measured object-related data.


Software introduction

The second-element image measuring instrument software is the second-element image measuring instrument data processing center. After capturing the workpiece image through the image detection system, the image data is transferred to a computer, and the measurement software performs various geometric element measurement and data analysis.

The second-dimensional image measuring instrument software provides human-computer interaction interface. The operator observes the workpiece to be measured through the measurement software, sets the detection status, inputs and outputs data, controls the motion of the image measuring instrument table, and analyzes the data. For automatic image measuring instruments, the measuring software can also program the measuring process of the workpiece for batch measurement.

Software function

1, multi-point measurement points, lines, circles, solitary, elliptical, rectangular, to improve the measurement accuracy;

2, combination measurement, center point structure, intersection point structure, line structure, circle structure, angle structure

3, coordinate translation and coordinate square, improve measurement efficiency;

4, macro instruction, batch measurement of a workpiece more convenient and faster, improve measurement efficiency;

5, the measured data directly into the AutoCAD, a complete drawing;

6, the measurement data can be entered into Excel or Word, for statistical analysis, can cut out a simple Xbar-S control chart, find Ca, and other parameters;

7, multi-language interface switch;

8, record user program, edit instructions, teach execution

9, large map navigation, knife mold dedicated three-dimensional rotating lights, 3 D scanning system, fast auto-focus, automatic zoom lens;


Instrument features

1, granite base and column, the body will never be deformed.

2, X, Y axis equipped with the grating ruler, positioning accuracy.

3, Z-axis cross rail with a new design with weights, the lens up and downforce balance, to ensure accuracy.

4, laser positioning indicator, precisely specify the current measurement location for easy measurement.

5, the lens: continuous zoom lens.

6, LED cold light source (surface light and contour light) to avoid the workpiece by heat deformation.

7, using the original 1/3 "color CCD camera, zoom objective lens and cross line generator as a measurement system;

8, with a variety of data processing, display, input and output functions, especially the workpiece is very functional;

9, the instrument is equipped with the RS232 interface, connected to the computer, the use of specialized measurement software for mapping graphics processing and output.


Application areas

The instrument is suitable for all applications in the field of coordinate measurement. It is widely used in the measurement of mobile phone accessories, household appliances, connectors, machine parts, precision jig, plastic, hardware, instruments, plastics, and computers.