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Second-dimensional image measuring instrument
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The second-dimensional image measuring instrument software provides human-computer interaction interface. The operator observes the workpiece to be measured through the measurement software, sets the detection status, inputs and outputs data, controls the motion of the image measuring instrument table, and analyzes the data. For automatic image measuring instruments, the measuring software can also program the measuring process of the workpiece for batch measurement.

Software function

1, multi-point measurement points, lines, circles, solitary, elliptical, rectangular, to improve the measurement accuracy;

2, combination measurement, center point structure, intersection point structure, line structure, circle structure, angle structure

3, coordinate translation and coordinate square, improve measurement efficiency;

4, macro instruction, batch measurement of a workpiece more convenient and faster, improve measurement efficiency;

5, the measured data directly into the AutoCAD, a complete drawing;

6, the measurement data can be entered into Excel or Word, for statistical analysis, can cut out a simple Xbar-S control chart, find Ca, and other parameters;

7, multi-language interface switch;

8, record user program, edit instructions, teach execution

9, large map navigation, knife mold dedicated three-dimensional rotating lights, 3 D scanning system, fast auto-focus, automatic zoom lens;


Instrument features

1, granite base and column, the body will never be deformed.

2, X, Y axis equipped with the grating ruler, positioning accuracy.

3, Z-axis cross rail with a new design with weights, the lens up and downforce balance, to ensure accuracy.

4, laser positioning indicator, precisely specify the current measurement location for easy measurement.

5, the lens: continuous zoom lens.

6, LED cold light source (surface light and contour light) to avoid the workpiece by heat deformation.

7, using the original 1/3 "color CCD camera, zoom objective lens and cross line generator as a measurement system;