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Second-dimensional image measuring instrument
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Second-dimensional image measuring instrument


The secondary element image measuring instrument (aka image mapping instrument) is based on the CCD digital image and relies on the powerful software capabilities of computer screen measurement technology and space geometry calculation. After the computer is installed with dedicated control and graphics measurement software, it becomes the measurement brain with the software soul, which is the main body of the whole device.


Product introduction

With the development of science and technology, the measuring accuracy of various workpieces and parts is getting higher and higher, and the requirements of measuring instruments are more and more harsher. The second-element image measuring instrument is a leapfrog development of the traditional measuring technology, Optical projection and the perfect combination of computer products. The second-element image measuring instrument is a new term in the field of industrial testing and metering technology today. It represents the advanced measurement technology of integrating digital technology into industrial inspection and measurement and making geometric calculations of space.

It can quickly read the optical ruler displacement values, through the establishment of geometric calculations based on space-based software modules, instantly get the desired results; and on the screen to produce graphics for operators to map contrast, which can visually distinguish Deviations from the measurement result. All this is done in real time in front of today's powerful computational capabilities, which the operator himself cannot detect. This can take advantage of CCD digital images through computer software to meet the complex needs of sophisticated measurement instruments is the real sense of the second element image measuring instrument.

The image measuring instrument in the computer not only for a simple image alignment and numerical display, more importantly, the image measuring instrument with spatial geometry operations, graphics display, dimensioning, CAD graphics output and other basic functions. These functions rely on specialized measurement and control software developed on the basis of spatial geometry.