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Constant temperature and humidity chamber
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Constant temperature and humidity chamber
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber, also known as constant temperature and humidity testing machine, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, programmable humidity test chamber, thermostat or constant temperature and humidity box, for testing materials in a variety of environments performance equipment and test each It is suitable for testing the quality of electronics, electric appliances, mobile phones, telecommunications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, foodstuffs, chemicals, building materials, medical treatment and aerospace products, etc., GB / T 5170.5-2008, GB / T10586-2006, GB / T2423.1-2008 Test A, GB / T2423.2-2008 Test B, GB / T2423.3-2006 Test Ca, GB / T2423.4- 2008 Test Db

Humidity range 30 ~ 98% RH

Temperature range -70 ~ 150 ; -40 ~ 150


Constant temperature and humidity chamber, also known as "programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber FR-1204 constant temperature and humidity chamber," and "high and low temperature alternating hot and humid chamber / GDS-100" is the same series, aviation, automotive, home appliances, research And other fields necessary test equipment used to test and determine the electrical and electronic products and other materials and materials for high temperature, low temperature, alternating humidity or constant temperature changes in the test parameters and performance.


Technical indicators

1, temperature range: -60 ~ 150

2, humidity range: 30 ~ 98% RH (temperature at 25 ~ 80 )

3, temperature uniformity: 2 (no load)

4, humidity uniformity: +2, -3% RH

5, the temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 (no load)

6, humidity fluctuation: ± 2%

7, temperature deviation: ± 2

8, humidity deviation: ± 2%

9, cooling rate: 0.7 ~ 1.0 / min

10, heating rate: 1.0 ~ 3.0 / min

11, the time setting range: 1 ~ 9999H

12, Humidity alternating range: 40 ~ 98% RH


Product Usage

The products are suitable for examining the resistance to the dampness of electric and electronic products, components, parts and their materials under different temperature and humidity conditions, and can also be used as an adaptability test for storage, transportation and use in high and low-temperature environments.