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Microwave Anechoic Chamber
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1. EMC darkroom performance (frequency range: 30MHz ~ 18GHz)

   Absorbing material reflection loss: 30MHz ~ 18GHz ≥ 15dB


2. Darkroom shielding performance

Magnetic field 14KHz ≥ 75dB

      150KHz ≥ 100dB

Electric field 200KHz ~ 50MHz ≥ 100dB

Plane wave 50MHz ~ 1GHz ≥ 100dB

Microwave 1GHz ~ 10GHz ≥ 100dB

      10GHz ~ 18GHz≥90dB


Structure and composition:

1. Shield room by the shielding shell, screen door, ventilation waveguide window and various types of power filters and other components, the shield shell is usually welded.


2. The absorbing material has a strong absorption effect on space electromagnetic wave, showing small reflection and scattering of the electromagnetic wave. Absorbing material is divided into two kinds of flame retardant and flame retardant, flame retardant flame retardant was nonwovens Cloth and polyurethane soft.

Single-layer ferrite sheet, the working frequency range 30MHz-1000MHz; Conical carbon sponge absorbing material: Conical carbon sponge absorbing material is made of polyurethane foam infiltrated in carbon gel solution. Has good flame retardant properties.


3. Other: The main signal transmission board, turntable, antenna, monitoring system.

Microwave darkroom is mainly used in quiet zone size, reflection level (static), inherent radar cross section, cross polarization and other parameters.