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  • RF identification RFID test

    [Equipments Introduce] RF identification RFID test


    Every RFID communication system must pass regulatory requirements and meet the standards used. However, today, system optimization separates winners from losers in this fast-growing industry. This article discusses the testing challenges faced by designers of RFID communication systems: regulatory t

  • Automatic Connector Insertion Force Testing Machine

    [Equipments Introduce] Automatic Connector Insertion Force Testing Machine


    Automatic Connector Insertion Force Testing Machine is an experimental instrument used to solve a variety of connector testing fixture problems, and test the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned, there will be no unilateral eating problems.

  • Second-dimensional image measuring instrument

    [Equipments Introduce] Second-dimensional image measuring instrument


    The secondary element image measuring instrument (aka image mapping instrument) is based on the CCD digital image and relies on the powerful software capabilities of computer screen measurement technology and space geometry calculation. After the computer is installed with dedicated control and grap

  • Salt Spray Tester

    [Equipments Introduce] Salt Spray Tester


    Salt spray corrosion test box through the assessment of the material and its protective layer of salt spray corrosion, and similar protective layer of the process of quality comparison, at the same time can assess the ability of certain products salt spray corrosion; The product is suitable for part

  • RoHS Detector

    [Equipments Introduce] RoHS Detector


    RoHS detector is the EU RoHS test standard testing equipment. Simple to say is the test lead Pb, cadmium Cd, mercury Hg, hexavalent chromium Cr6 +, PBDE PBDE, PBB PBB six kinds of harmful substances instruments.

    RoHS Directive is the country just enacted "electronic and electrical equipment restr