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5G Industry Research Report 2019
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2020-01-10 | 769 Views | Share:

On the whole, 5G networks and application scenarios with high maturity of the industry chain land earlier and develop faster.

2019 is considered the first year of 5G. From the beginning of the year, with the continuous attention of Huawei events, 5G is also a very hot topic and cutting-edge technology this year. From 5G infrastructure construction to 5G mobile phone applications and scene reconstruction and many more. The 2019 industry report helps us objectively understand the 5G industry.

Core Summary:

The development of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things has led to 5G technology.

Large bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, and large connections are the three major advantages of 5G.

The survey results show that users have a high awareness of 5G and believe that 5G has a great impact on life.

The survey results show that 76.6% of users hope to use 5G networks by 2021.

To meet user needs, operators need to accelerate the deployment of high-quality 5G networks.

China Mobile plans to build more than 50,000 base stations in 2019, covering more than 50 cities. In 2020, the coverage will be further expanded to achieve coverage in cities above the prefecture-level.

The survey results show that users have high awareness and high expectations of entertainment, home, transportation, and medical application scenarios.

5G will help the development of cultural entertainment, smart home, smart medical care, smart transportation, industrial Internet and smart energy, while bringing the ultimate entertainment and living experience to C-end users, and will also enable the digital development of the industry.

China Mobile promotes 5G to serve the public and better meet people's needs for a better digital life; promotes the integration of 5G into various industries and better promotes the digitalization of the industry.

The development of 5G application scenarios requires the full integration of 5G with other technologies, and the joint efforts of the communications industry and vertical industries.