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What Have Smartphones Changed In The Past 10 Years?
Source:Оriginal | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-12-26 | 1579 Views | Share:

It is said that fashion is a classic reincarnation, and mobile phone design is not so.

Mobile phones are increasingly pursuing integration, but they also erase a lot of humanity

Smartphones are an industry that likes subtraction in appearance. From the product level, large screens allow mobile phones to gain more internal space, but manufacturers will still change the proportion of each component and squeeze out more. Available space.

Looking back on the evolution of mobile phones in the past 10 years, you can also find that on the one hand, we have obtained a body with fewer gaps and stronger integration, as well as various wireless transmission technologies; but on the other hand, we can arbitrarily disassemble it The cell phone battery will press the physical button twice when it is okay, and the 3.5mm headphone jack that accompanies us countless days and nights, and one by one disappear into our sight.

Were they eliminated because no one wanted to use them? Obviously not.

For users, this age-old technology can still solve many pain points. For example, the detachable battery can alleviate “lifetime anxiety”, instead of letting us connect a charging treasure like a hanging bottle; for example, the physical buttons, the ease of use and the low learning threshold are not comparable to gesture interaction of.

However, users don't seem to have much choice in deciding whether technology is a life or death. Even if some people don't really like the changes, manufacturers will still give various reasons to try to persuade consumers to forget the old solution.

Fortunately, certain changes do allow us to see a better side. Although the battery cannot be removed, thanks to the integrated design, mobile phone manufacturers can save more space to increase battery capacity and extend battery life, while also ensuring product safety and reliable structure.

In addition, the advent of fast charging technology has greatly improved the efficiency of our mobile phone charging, and it can be regarded as a "time for space" solution.