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What's the Huawei 5G industrial module meaning?
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-11-16 | 1121 Views | Share:

The release of Huawei's first commercial 5G industrial module at the "Huawei 5G terminal and full-scenario new product launch conference" became another highlight of the audience.

Huawei 5G industrial module is not only the world's first commercial 5G industrial module but also the first 5G NSA/SA, single-core full-mode 5G industrial module. The core device is self-controllable and has many global leading features. Quickly promote 5G application innovations.

When the single-chip price of Huawei's 5G industrial module of 999 yuan was announced, the industry could not help but exclaim: Huawei's single-chip price of 5G industrial module is only below 1,000 yuan. What is the picture? It will be the existing 5G mode. What are the impact of the group market structure and the future 5G commercial process?

According to C&T RF Antennas Inc, the reason why Huawei wants to enter the 5G industrial module market is mainly due to the following three factors:

Factor 1: The module is a key communication component for 5G scale commercial and industry digital transformation.

Modules are intermediate in the vertical application of upstream standardized chips and downstream highly fragmented applications, and are critical for 5G commercial deployments, especially for vertical industry applications.

Although the current lower cost NB-IoT modules have been deployed in large numbers, LTE modules can also carry some medium and high-speed applications, but VR, autonomous driving, intelligent manufacturing, telemedicine, drones, etc. have extremely high network speed requirements. Industrial Internet scenarios with extremely long latency are still required to achieve 5G with higher speed, higher reliability, and lower latency. As the key communication component of the industry digitalization, the 5G industrial module will become the connection core of 5G Internet of Everything and the focus of various industries.

Factor 2: Industry users are in desperate need of 5G industrial modules that can be truly commercialized.