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Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage Scheme Based on ZigBee and GPRS Communication Mode
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-10-08 | 1338 Views | Share:

V. Program Benefits

With the development of related disciplines such as the Internet of Things and industrial wireless communications, agricultural irrigation and drainage has realized the intelligence of data monitoring, transmission, management, early warning, and emergency command by citing new products and technologies in related fields. Sixin Communication is a backbone enterprise in the field of wireless communications in China's Internet of Things. Over the past few years, it has been closely following the pulse of the development of the Internet of Things industry, and has conducted in-depth research on the application of industrial wireless communication products in the field of water conservancy, hydrology, and smart agriculture, and gradually formed a product-based basis. , To provide industry customers with the professional operating characteristics of system solutions, to help customers achieve "wisdom, standards, security, reliability," the goal of wireless communications.

The agricultural irrigation and drainage scheme based on ZigBee+GPRS communication network has the advantages of low project investment cost, low operation cost, simple network maintenance, high remote control efficiency, and no superior upgrade. After the project is implemented, the system management and management benefits and benefits Obvious economic benefits.

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