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Ten basic functions of the IoT
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-08-19 | 421 Views | Share:

The basic functional feature of the Internet of Things is to provide "Ubiquitous ConnecTivity" with ten basic functions.
1. Online monitoring: This is the most basic function of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things business is generally focused on centralized monitoring and supplemented by control.
2. Positioning and tracking: generally based on GPS (or another satellite positioning, such as Beidou) and wireless communication technology, or rely solely on the positioning of wireless communication technologies, such as mobile base station based positioning, RTLS and so on.
3. Alarm linkage: mainly provides event alarms and prompts, and sometimes provides linkage function based on workflow or rule engine (Rule’s Engine).
4. Command and dispatch: command, dispatch and dispatch functions based on time schedule and event response rules.
5. Plan management: Dispose of events caused by things based on pre-set regulations or regulations.
6. Security and privacy: Due to the importance of IoT ownership attributes and privacy protection, IoT systems must provide corresponding security mechanisms.
7. Remote Maintenance: This is a service that IoT technology can provide or enhance, mainly for enterprise product after-sales networking services.
8. Online upgrade: This is a means to ensure that the IoT system itself can operate normally, and it is also one of the means of automatic after-sales service of enterprise products.
9. Leadership Desktop: Mainly refers to the Dashboard or BI personalized portal. After the multi-layer filtering and refining real-time information, the responsible person in charge can realize the “clear at a glance”.
10. Statistical Decision: Refers to the function of data mining and statistical analysis of networked information, providing decision support and statistical reporting.