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What is the truth about SaaS's entrepreneurship?
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-07-01 | 776 Views | Share:

SaaS is not an unfamiliar concept for To B practitioners, but it is still a "new" concept for most traditional businesses. When talking about the SaaS market, practitioners will involuntarily compare with the North American market, but the Chinese and American markets are two completely different markets, which are useful but not comparable.

We mainly analyze from three perspectives: one is the environment, one is the customer, and the other is the SaaS enterprise itself.

The first is the environment. SaaS companies are not talking about cultural models and management models, and the United States has done a good job in this regard. In the management model, China prefers to rule the people, the United States prefers the rule of law; Chinese society favors the human condition, and the US favors the data. The problem brought by this management model, sales in the process of implementation, his sales funnel is theoretically correct, but many companies in the implementation of the sales funnel, there will be problems of fraud, dishonesty, and finally Output the flow of water injection.

In a nutshell, doing things according to the process will naturally have results, and it is a 100% quality process. But why are we not having results? In the final analysis, it is the human environment, and the management factors are derived from cultural factors. Therefore, the environment has made the informationization and digitization of enterprises more difficult, and it has also led to less use. Of course, Huawei is an exception. Huawei may represent a relatively Westernized Chinese company because it does not have the typical thinking and management methods of Chinese companies.

Followed by customers. Customers value the results. The results of some customers working with SaaS companies, they do not think it is the credit of SaaS. Customers will also think that doing SaaS is useless until the results are met. Therefore, at the effect level, SaaS in China must respect the Chinese environment, and it must have obvious effects and overcome all difficulties to reflect its value. At the same time, we must make a guarantee on timeliness, or it will slowly flow into form.