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9 major areas, 28 new trends, C&T RF Antennas Inc comprehensively dialysis of the IoT market
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-06-20 | 929 Views | Share:

Social change is changing with each passing day. At present, intelligence has become the theme of this era. As an inclusive industry, the Internet of Things can have a far-reaching impact on the whole society. Whether it is industrial production or daily life, the penetration of the Internet of Things is comprehensive. Of course, the business opportunities contained therein are even more limited.


Through C&T RF Antennas Inc we will learn about the latest trends in the IoT industry:


The comprehensive outbreak of application;

The growth of power, aviation, footwear, and smart manufacturing is eye-catching;

Deep integration of product innovation and application requirements

With the continuous improvement of RFID technical specifications and application standards, the scope of RFID application continues to expand, from traditional access control, attendance, home-school communication, railway, warehousing, inventory, inspection management to intelligent manufacturing, shoes and clothing, electricity, aviation, New areas such as archives and electric bicycle anti-theft management. The application of RFID is exploding and it has become one of the most common IoT technology products.

Especially in the following emerging areas, the application of RFID is more eye-catching:

In the power sector, under the help of the State Grid Corporation's “Pan-in-the-Power Internet of Things” program, the RFID application in the power sector has been continuously upgraded and upgraded, improving the level of power asset management, inspection, and personnel management.

In the aviation field, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) at its 75th annual meeting, the member airlines voted unanimously to support the deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for baggage tracking. With the landing of standards, global airports and airlines are actively deploying RFID baggage tracking system. According to the annual number of baggage carried by global airlines, the number of bags is about 4.3 billion. If the application is opened smoothly, the application level of the RFID system will be greatly boosted.