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How does the Industrial Internet of Things in the 5G world work?
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How does the Industrial Internet of Things in the 5G world work?

Introduction: Many years ago, the concept of the industrial Internet has been proposed, but until the mobile Internet is so popular, the proportion of equipment networking in the industrial field is still very small, and the applications involved in networking equipment are still very shallow. The main reason is that the Internet currently does not meet the requirements for delay and reliability.

How does the Industrial Internet of Things in the 5G world work?

This paper will focus on the difference between the industrial Internet of Things and consumer Internet of things, the four-level analysis of industrial IoT applications, the possible impact of 5G on industrial Internet of Things and the application of 5G in the industrial Internet of Things, analyzing industrial Internet of Things and exploring 5G enabling. The direction of the industrial Internet of Things.

Japan launched a popular short film "Connecting the World after 5G" this year. In more than three minutes, the short film intensively presented 5G support for ultra high definition video, autopilot, telemedicine, smart retail, instant translation, AR / VR and other application scenarios. Although people are no longer familiar with these concepts, with the 5G blessing, it seems that the distance of dreams is closer.

It is worth noting that the consumer-oriented domain is only part of the 5G empowerment. The greater value of 5G will play in the industrial sector that is not very popular with the public. In fact, on December 1 last year, South Korea launched the world's first 5G commercial service, and the first 5G customers of the three major operators were enterprises.

For the average consumer, the concept of 5G may be a higher network speed, and the improvement of the Internet experience brought by the 5G large bandwidth is the most intuitive, and the mobile phone can watch the higher definition video in real time. The lower latency and higher reliability improve the experience of the C-end users, which is relatively small. The delay in opening the webpage is reduced from 50ms to 10ms, and consumers are basically not aware of the difference.