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88 aspects of our work and life will be affected by 5G
Source:Original | Author:Calio Huang of C&T RF Antennas Inc | Publish time: 2019-05-07 | 2324 Views | Share:

As a high-profile next-generation mobile communication network, global testing, layout, and negotiation around 5G are heating up. And the competition related to it is getting more and more fierce. The competition between companies, the competition between cities, and the competition before the country, 5G bears too many missions and expectations.

Compared with 4G communication, 5G not only has a leap in speed, but is incomparable to the previous generation of communication technologies in terms of capacity, coverage, privacy, security, ethics, user experience, and communication interaction. Based on these outstanding features, 5G will open a new era of development for mankind.

Thomas Frey, a world-renowned futurist, is also looking forward to the future of 5G life. From financial consumption to transportation, from social applications to tourism and entertainment, he has learned that 5G will bring future industrial development, job opportunities, and daily life. 88 changes. Among them, many changes seem unbelievable today, but in the future, it is a sparsely common scene.

First, the future of the banking industry

How will the currency develop in the next 30 years? Is it using digital cryptocurrency, or is it continuing to use national currency or both? How will the current banking industry change? 5G will bring some potential changes to the banking industry.

1. The password will disappear.

2. The ATM will be replaced by a smartphone.

3. A gamified microfinance system will provide additional credit for the way people handle specific situations.

4. The use of cash will only account for a small percentage of todays.

5. Unmanned mobile banking will replace most existing bank branches.

6. Virtual cashiers will replace most human cashiers.

7. Car loans will nearly disappear.

8. Automated microfinance will become a new profit center for the banking industry.

Second, the future of agriculture

At present, traditional agriculture is on the verge of a data revolution. In the future, the supply chain for food and agricultural products will be digitized, and real-time data streams will highlight every fluctuation and change in consumer preferences.