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4 main factors that affect the reliability and distance of wireless communication
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There are four main performance indicators for wireless communication distance:

One is the transmitter's RF output power, the second is the receiver's receiver sensitivity, the third is the system's anti-jamming capability, the fourth is the type of transmit/receive antenna and gain, and in these four main indicators, the national electromagnetic compatibility standards (Such as the FCC of the United States, the European EN specification) are only limited to the transmission power, as long as the receiver sensitivity and system anti-jamming ability to optimize the two indicators, in line with FCC or CE standards under the premise of expanding the system communication distance.

1.0  Factors that affect the distance of wireless communication

1.1. Geographical environment

The farthest distance is the sea level and land-free flat open, which is commonly used to assess the communication distance of wireless communication equipment used in the geographical conditions. Followed by the suburbs or rural areas, hills, riverbed, and other semi-obstacle, semi-open environment, the communication distance is the nearest urban buildings or mountains, in short, the more intensive obstacles, the greater the impact of wireless communication distance, especially metal objects The greatest impact. Some common environments for loss of wireless signals are shown in the table below

According to the path loss formula:

Ld = 32.4 + 20logf + 20logd f = MHZ d = Km know the signal loss per second 6dB communication distance will be reduced by half! Another factor is the multipath effects as shown, so if the wireless module near the obstacles will affect the communication Distance and reliability.

1.2. Electromagnetic environment

DC motor, high voltage power grid, switching power supply, welding machine, high-frequency electronic equipment, computers, microcontrollers, and other equipment on the wireless communication equipment, communication distance has varying degrees of impact.