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How to get 4 5G orders?
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1. MTN and Huawei March 6 morning news The Republic of Cyprus telecom operator MTN recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei, 5G network strategic cooperation, will first carry out joint research, and then provide 5G business services. MTN and Huawei have had a 17-year partnership.


Under the cooperation agreement, the two sides will soon establish a working group to share expertise and the 5G global ecosystem. In addition, the working group will explore the prerequisites for the smooth introduction and seamless development of 5G networks in Cyprus.


MTN CEO Thanos Chronopoulos said: "Today, MTN has entered a new era, the network is faster and more flexible, and MTN is more dynamic. This cooperation with Huawei will bring us into the advanced global 5G ecosystem. And lead the development of Cyprus's future technology. We are willing to play our role in the context of national strategy, which will significantly enhance the strength of Cyprus' telecommunications industry."


Philip Gan, vice president of Huawei's Central and Eastern Europe region, said: "With the completion of the new strategic partnership with MTN Cyprus, it is now clear that the European market is leading in focusing on the development of advanced technologies, with the goal being the best way. Meet the needs of the new era."


In another cooperation agreement, the two sides will also cooperate in the areas of data service growth, rich media services, mobile financial services, enterprises, and resale.


2. Egypt Telecom and Nokia In addition, recently, Egypt Telecom and Nokia signed a cooperation agreement. The cooperation between the two parties will focus on the 5G deployment of the Egyptian market. 5G understands that Egypt Telecom is working with Nokia to deploy 5G networks, using Nokia's end-to-end, A 5G solution with ultra-low latency and ultra-fast connectivity.


Ade Hamed, managing director, and chief executive of Egypt Telecom, said that in fact, the cooperation agreement represents a turning point for Egypt Telecom to achieve its "digital" transformation path, especially since the company has already used Nokia's 5G ready solution. The letter "resolutions and services. Egypt Telecom's "digital" transformation is imperative.


3. US Cellular and Nokia's recent mobile letter Recently, the fifth largest mobile communication operator in the United States signed a five-year 5G network modernization agreement with Nokia, which has a five-year 5G network modernization agreement. Nokia will mention the 5G side, including the technology, software services for end-to-end 5G solutions, including technology, software and services, to help the US celr network to build ucca NOMU, US Cellular # 600MHZ, 700MHZ, part of the spectrum of 800MHZ , as well as part of the spectrum of the IF PCS and AWS spectrum 5G bands, as well as the IF PCS and AWS spectrum. 5G US Callala told industry analysts 0M recently told industry analysts that the 600MH band will be the pioneer of the company's 5G activities.


4. Telia and Nokia On March 5th, Telia announced that it will launch Nokia's “fast mile” 5G gateway for 4G and 5G fixed wireless connections in the Finnish market, providing ultra-high-speed broadband access for residential and commercial users. The gateway is a 5G new air interface device of the 3GPP standard.