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WiFi antenna requirements for PCB layout and structure
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When using all-metal components (such as the front panel or the rear panel), reserve multiple grounding points for the components used. The specific grounding point position is determined by the antenna design company.

There must be no grounded or ungrounded metal decorations above the radiating area of the antenna, including plating and gold plating.

7. Consideration of the installation location for the antenna

The antenna should be installed away from metal objects. The antenna needs enough space to deploy. If the chip antenna is used, it is necessary to give enough clearance area and corresponding size according to the application guide.

If a shrapnel antenna is used, the antenna should be designed with a bracket, the antenna fixed on the bracket, and the bracket and the PCB fixed again, or the antenna is fixed on the outer casing without the bracket.

Consider the space and position of the antenna installation when designing the structure, and consider adding a heat-melting column to the bracket or the housing to be mounted to fix the antenna.

8. Consideration of the relative position layout of other modules and antennas

For the relative positions of speakers, cameras, vibrators, LCDs, batteries, etc. and antennas, here are some general recommendations:

Keep the antenna away from the camera and flexible PCB;

The antenna must have a distance of at least 5 mm from the battery;

Vibrator should stay away from the antenna;

The distance from the antenna to the shield is a minimum of 2-4 mm (which can cause parasitic effects);

The RF switch and amplifier or duplexer should be as close as possible to the matching circuit area.