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Application of RF and Microwave Technology in Security Field
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At the same time, RFID tags can solve short-distance, especially indoor object positioning, and can make up for GPS and other positioning systems can only be applied to outdoor large-scale deficiencies. GPS positioning, mobile phone positioning, together with RFID short-range positioning means and wireless communication means can achieve full tracking and monitoring of item positions. Therefore, in addition to personal identification, vehicle identification can also be performed in residential areas or unit entrances and exits, commonly referred to as radio frequency access control. The radio frequency identification technology applied to the access control system can realize the parking of vehicles with effective electronic tags, save the time for convenient access, improve the traffic efficiency of intersections, and more importantly, enable real-time monitoring of vehicles entering or leaving a residential area or parking lot. The identity of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle and the maintenance of regional security will make the security management of the community or parking lot more user-friendly, informative, intelligent, and highly efficient.


3. Summary

As many of the threats to public safety have become increasingly complex, microwave millimeter-wave security-related technologies have gradually improved their position in security because of their advantages in penetrating smoke, various kinds of shelters, and the ability to identify people and things. With the continuous advancement of related technologies such as device design and manufacturing, signal processing methods, and multi-sensor fusion, this technology will become an indispensable part of the security field.