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Application of RF and Microwave Technology in Security Field
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At present, the anti-UAV technologies in various countries mainly include acoustic wave interference, signal interference, hacker technology, laser cannons, and “anti-UAV” drones. Various technologies have their unique advantages, and today’s defense systems are more In combination with the above two or more technologies, a regulatory system is established to capture or properly guide the use of small drones from multiple perspectives. The signal interference is a relatively central component of the capture system. It mainly uses the electromagnetic suppression function of the microwave millimeter wave band. According to the actual situation of the site, the remote control and GPS of the “black fly” drone are selectively controlled by the electromagnetic signal interference transmitter. Electromagnetic suppression of the signal transmitted by the map, capturing the control of the controller, and directly causing the “black fly” drone to land.


In America, Europe, and other countries, there have emerged a variety of drone capture systems that include electromagnetic suppression, such as the Drone Defender gun in the United States, the short- and medium-range "Giraffe" AMB multi-beam radar system in Sweden, and so on. The most prominent of these is the UK-based AIDS system developed jointly by several companies. The system integrates electronic scanning air-defense radars, photoelectric indicators, visible/infrared cameras and target tracking software, and directional RF suppression/interference systems. The drone within 8 km is used for detection, tracking, identification, interference, and suppression. The effective distance of this system to the micro-drone is 1 km, and the effective range of the small drone is up to several kilometers.


2.3.Millimeter Wave Radar in Perimeter Defense

Intelligent active regional security is an emerging security solution that integrates multiple security technologies and products and builds on the analysis of big data networks. Traditional perimeter security systems (physical fences, fences, and electronic fences, vibration sensors, video, etc.) may be affected by optical visibility or by bad weather (wind, rain, snow, fog, hail, dust, etc.) Or, it is affected by complicated environment (small animals, weeds, trees, etc.), resulting in high false alarm rate, high false alarm rate, and inaccurate detection of distance, angle, and speed of moving targets.