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Application of RF and Microwave Technology in Security Field
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In the field of passive imaging security technology, the microwave engineering laboratory of Beihang University has begun the research of millimeter wave array imaging technology since 2003. It has successively broken through several key technologies and successfully developed a prototype and prototype system for multiple generations of millimeter wave imaging. The launch of the domestic first set of video-type millimeter-wave human body security inspection instrument has now developed two video-type millimeter-wave human body security engineering prototype. The first prototype is mainly used for outdoor checkpoint applications and can achieve speeds of 1,200 passengers per hour for customs clearance. It has completed testing and experimental verification of all types of dangerous items, but its system sensitivity is poor and it is only suitable for outdoor applications. For indoor applications such as subways and railway stations, Beihang Microwave Engineering Laboratory has launched the second engineering prototype, which increases the temperature sensitivity of the system by increasing the number of receiving channels, and enables fast security without changing the behavior of the persons under inspection under large passenger flow conditions.


2.2.Electromagnetic suppression and decoy capture of low-slow and small unmanned aerial vehicles

The rapid development of science and technology has made civilian small drones a well-known electronic product. However, this high-speed popularization has brought convenience to life and also caused various problems. A statistical result in 2015 showed that the total number of driver certifications for drones in China was only 2,142, while the number of unmanned drones was tens of thousands, and most of them were “black flying” without training or reporting. This will not only affect people's lives and property but also threaten public safety and air defense security. Therefore, the anti-drone technology equipment and market are also rapidly expanding.