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Application of RF and Microwave Technology in Security Field
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Since the 90s of last century, some countries in the United States and Europe have begun to devote themselves to the study of millimeter-wave imaging systems for human body security. So far, a series of cooperative security target millimeter wave systems for airports have been developed abroad, mainly including the United States L-3 Communications' Safeview millimeter-wave human body security instrument and Germany's Smiths Heimann's Eqo millimeter wave imaging human body security. In 2012, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH of Germany, together with Infineon and Nuremberg University, successfully developed the QPS series millimeter-wave human body security instrument using active multi-station sparse array imaging technology. Its operating frequency is from 70 GHz to 80 GHz, and the imaging time of each image is about 4 s. The most important feature of these systems is that the inspected personnel must cooperate with the actions such as erecting and raising their hands. Although the resolution is high, the imaging speed is slow. It is mainly used in airport low-speed inspection of human body security applications, and it cannot meet the demand for large passenger flow and rapid security.


In terms of passive imaging, in 2011, QinetiQ of the United Kingdom and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom jointly developed a prototype of the TRL-4 microwave human body security instrument. The array-based signal processing technology can achieve an imaging speed of 24 frames/s. Currently, due to application requirements Weak, insufficient investment, the prototype is still in the experimental research stage.


At the same time, several domestic research institutes, including Fangwei, CLP-38, etc., have developed multiple sets of millimeter-wave human body security inspection instruments by referring to active-active millimeter-wave scanning imaging security inspection technology. According to the detection of civil aviation application department, its imaging performance index is equivalent to that of foreign security inspection equipment.