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Application of RF and Microwave Technology in Security Field
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The urgent demand for the construction of safe cities has promoted the rapid development of the security industry, and the words such as smart cities and intelligent security have also become popular, including multi-technology integration management including video surveillance, identification, hidden object detection, electronic maps, and linkage alarms. The system has begun to gradually replace the previous single security model. This new security system requires a variety of sensors to cooperate with each other, and RF-based and microwave-based sensors constitute an indispensable part of it because of its unique advantages.


1. Advantages of RF and Microwave Technology

Radiofrequency and microwave refer to electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz, which is a limited frequency band in radio waves. Microwave millimeter wave sensors have a series of unique features. First of all, electromagnetic waves of most frequencies in this frequency band are attenuated very little in the atmosphere, and they are almost negligible due to smoke or bad weather. For materials such as glass, plastics, and porcelain, they are transmitted with very little loss, and water Foods, etc., absorb microwaves and heat themselves. For metal materials, they reflect. The characteristics such as high carrier frequency, short wavelength, and easy implementation of large bandwidth also make this type of sensor highly adaptable in size and resolution. The above characteristics make it ideal for detecting and imaging human bodies or concealed objects through walls, shelters, or clothes, plus the almost all-weather detection capability and the ability to measure the Doppler frequency to promote its presence. Human body detection and behavior identification applications.


2.Main application scenarios in the field of security

RF and microwave sensors acquire information about an object or scene by transmitting an electromagnetic signal and then receiving and analyzing the signal reflected from the object, or according to the signal emitted by the object itself. Combining the characteristics of microwave millimeter wave and the requirements of security applications mentioned above, the application scenarios of such sensors are mainly divided into the following categories.