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What’s LoRa?
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The communication between the terminal and the gateway is done on the basis of the different frequencies and the data transmission rate. The choice of the data rate needs to be weighed between the transmission distance and the message delay. As a result of spread spectrum technology, the different transmission rate of communication will not interfere with each other and will create a "virtual" frequency band to increase the gateway capacity. LoRaWAN has a data transfer rate range of 0.3 kbps to 37.5 kbps. To maximize the battery life of the end device and the overall network capacity, the LoRaWAN network server controls the data transfer rate and data rate by each Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) The RF output power of a terminal device. Nationally covered wide area networks aim at applications such as critical infrastructure, confidential personal data transmission, or social public services. On the secure communication, LoRaWAN generally use multi-layer encryption to solve: First, the unique network key (EU164), to ensure network layer security; Second, the unique application key (EU164), to ensure that the application layer terminal to the terminal Of the security; Third, belong to the equipment of the special key (EUI128). LoRaWAN network according to the actual application of the different, the terminal equipment is divided into A / B / C three categories: Class A: two-way communication terminal equipment. This type of terminal device allows two-way communication, each terminal device uplink transmission will be accompanied by two downstream receive window. The transmission slot of the terminal device is based on its own communication requirements, and its fine-tuning is based on a random time base (ALOHA protocol). Class A belongs to the terminal equipment in the application of the lowest power consumption, the terminal sends an uplink transmission signal, the server can quickly carry out downlink communications, at any time, the server downlink communication can only be in the uplink after the communication.