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Adapter Coaxial Саble

120mm RG136 cable MMXC connector to SMA female connector cable adapter Coaxial cable

Product Description

120mm RG136 cable MMXC connector to SMA female connector cable adapter Coaxial cable

RF Coaxial Саble Assembly with custom length 120mm RG136 cable MMXC connector to SMA female connector cable adapter Coaxial Саble
Cable Length: 120mm
Connector A: MMXC connector;
Connector B: SMA female connector
Impedance: 50Ohm
Frequency: DC-1Ghz & DC-12Ghz
V.S.W.R.: ≤1.5
Voltage(breakdown): DC1000V/50Hz
Insertion Loss: 0.1dB/Ghz
Insulation Resistance: Shall≤2m Ohm; Center Pin≤3m Ohm
Mating Cycles: >500
Operation Temperature:  -40℃ ~ +65℃
Storage Temperature:  -40℃ ~ +80℃

The C&T RF Antennas Inc’s Coaxial cable assembly( GSC / Hirose / MCF / MCB2 / MMS.......) and Antenna with SMA / MMCX /FME / SMB  connector are available on currently SonyEricsson / Siemens / Motorola / Nokia / Wavecom / Anydata / Telit / Panasonic / Lantronic / Teltonika / Digi / Synapsissrl / Web Tech Wireless / Redfred / Enfora / Quake Blobal / Falcom / Sagem / Coyotedatacom / Aurelwireless ....etc for their GSM / GPRS / CDMA /Quad band /UMTS Module .

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Quality Control:

Acquiring raw materials
Purchasing third-party components and sub-assemblies
Designing and using inspection procedures
Complying with production processes
Responding to defects

To implement an effective quality control program, first, create and document our approach to quality control. This includes:
Defining the quality standards for each product
Selecting the quality control method
Defining the number of products/batch that will be tested
Creating and training employees for quality control
Creating a communication system for reporting defects or potential issues.

Next, we will need to create procedures for handling defects. Consider the following:
Will batches be rejected if defected items are found?
Will there be further testing and potential repair work involved?
Will production be halted to ensure that there are no more defective products created?
How will new product versions be handled?

Finally, use a method like 5-Whys to identify the root cause of the defect, make any needed changes, and ensure our products are defect free.

Outstanding electrical performance, low loss, and high frequency characterize the extensive range of Radial cable assemblies. The range includes flexible, semi-rigid and hand-formable cable assemblies with a combination of cable and connectors optimized for each market or application.
The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers a wide range of standard flexible cable assemblies including a variety of coaxial connector interfaces.
The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers custom coaxial cable assemblies also fabricates a full line of standard cable assemblies and custom cables assemblies are available.
Complete product design, tooling design, and fabrication, materials processing, and selection, product manufacture, assembly, testing and packaging available.
The C&T RF Antennas Inc - RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies — All Coaxial configurations available using flexible, low loss, semi-rigid, and conformable cables. Factory terminated and tested.

These high-quality cable assemblies include flexible, armored, semi-rigid and hand formable RF assemblies capable of working to 18GHz. Customers can select from a very wide range of cable and connector combinations using coaxial cables including halogen-free and flame retardant types as well connectors from the company’s RF microminiature, subminiature and mid-size ranges.

The C&T RF Antennas Inc RF Connectors
The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers a wide variety of U.FL / MHF, SMA, MCX, and MMCX radio frequency connector and cable assemblies. RF connectors and cables consist of miniature precision-machined mechanical components and clever designs with the complex assembly which are necessary to minimize losses and reflections. This requires tight tolerances, quality surface finishing and proper choice of metals and insulators. By combining domestic design and quality with offshore connector manufacturing, The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers low loss connectors at very competitive prices for OEM customers.

RF Coaxial connector such as SMA,BNC,MCX,MMCX,T,F,BNC,TNC,N,IPEX,FAKRA and so on.
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