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Fiberglass Omni Antenna

Outdoor GP Antenna fiberglass omnidirectional whip antenna 868mhz 915mhz frequency high gain 8Dbi high quality best antenna buy

Product Description

Outdoor GP Antenna fiberglass omnidirectional whip antenna 868mhz 915mhz frequency high gain 8Dbi high quality best antenna buy

Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna GP Antenna fiberglass omnidirectional whip antenna 868mhz 915mhz frequency high gain 8Dbi high quality best antenna buy

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Frequency range: 868/915MHz 
Bandwidth: 83/725MHz
Gain: 8/8 dBi
V.S.W.R: 2400-2483≤2.0@5150-5875≤2.5 (Max.)
Radiation: Omni
Horizontal beam: width360° / 360°
Vertical beam: width 35° / 25°
Polarization: vertical
Lightning protection: DC-grounded
Maximum input power: 50W
Impedance: 50Ώ
Connector: N
Antenna Radome
Material: fiberglass
Color: white
Mount way: pole
Diameter of installation 
Pole: Ø30~Ø50mm 
Dimensions: Ø15×200mm 
Weight: 100g
Operating temperature: -40
Rated wind velocity: 241km/h
RoHS compliant: yes
Size: 20x1000mm
Connector: N-Type

The C&T RF antennas Inc is Providing a wide range of off-the-shelf products along with a large volume of RF OEM and some contract manufacturing, The C&T RF antennas Inc has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to engage with companies and individuals that need very high product quality, no matter the order volume.

The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers maximum coverage designed for WLAN and Cellular/LTE frequency bands. Single, dual, tri-band and concurrent radio, as well as switched Smart Antenna options are available.

It comes in a compact, robust articulated lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for handheld RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer.

Innovative Solutions for Wireless communications
The C&T RF Antennas Inc is able to offer a wide range of RF Antennas and RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies.
Quality and Performance
Reliability and Durability
Competitive Price
Reliable and Honest Partnership 
Innovative and Attractive Design
Rapid Design and Delivery

1, RoHS Compliant, rich experience, prove the technique 
2, Low V.S.W.R. / Low Loss Design / High Gain
3, High Efficiency and Sensitivity
4, Factory supply, good price, fast delivery time  
5, OEM/ODM is available
6, ISO:9001 certifications, R&D

RF antennas are divided into two categories: directional antennas and omnidirectional antennas. Directional antennas include in-ceiling dome RF antennas, Yagi antennas, passive GPS and active GPS antennas, fixed and panel antennas. Our directional RF antennas offer low, medium and high gain options with corresponding variations in beam width, from broad beam / low gain, to narrow beam / high gain antennas. Our omnidirectional antennas include medium gain fixed antennas, mobile antennas, low gain portable and rubber duck antennas. Our omnidirectional antennas are ultra-violet (UV) resistant and built with rugged construction suitable for harsh environment applications including base stations. 

The Omni-Directional antenna has an advantage over the Directional antenna in certain areas:
Connecting to a hotspot while on a moving vehicle.
Connecting to a hotspot that has an unknown location.
Broadcasting a hotspot from the center of a location to fill the area.

These robust Omni directional antennas are designed for years of outdoor use.
The heavy-duty Wireless omnidirectional antennas are rugged and high performance.
These antennas feature a durable fiberglass all weather operation design and include a pole mounting bracket.

Exquisite appearance
Good impact resistance, waterproofing and anticorrosion ability
Full day working
Optimized dimension
High gain, low standing wave, strong anti-interference ability
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